Fitness Capsules


The fitness capsules with and without caffeine have been developed for those wanting to lose a few kilos or control their weight in a natural way.

– Available in 2 different combinations. With or without caffeine.
– Contains a combination of natural extracts from different parts of the world.
– Made in Sweden in accordance with GMP and HACCP standards
– Developed within the field of weight management

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FITNESS CAPSULES (60 capsules)

The body always strive to be in a state of balanced energy, which means consuming as much energy as your food provides you with. For those wanting to lose weight, it’s about trying to reduce your energy intake and/or increase your energy consumption. We have developed Fitness Capsules, a natural dietary supplement to assist you with this task. The carefully selected ingredients in the fitness capsules act in synergy to maximize your fat loss. The fitness capsules without caffeine is free of stimulants and suitable for those who are sensitive to or want to avoid caffeine. The caffeine-enriched capsules provide a revitalizing effect that is particularly suitable for workouts.

Dosage Suggestion: 2 capsules per day (May be increased to 4 per day). We recommend that you take them with caffeine in the morning and without caffeine before bed. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you’re welcome to take them without caffeine in the morning. Contains 30 servings, which is 60 vegetable capsules.

Please consider the importance of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Supplements do not replace a balanced diet.

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Content per serving (2 capsules):

Chili extract – 100 mg
Cayenne pepper extract 1 mg 
Green tea extract 40 mg
Wakame * (Japanese kelp) 10 mg
Dandelion extract 100 mg
Beta-glucans 200 mg
Caffeine (guarana) 150mg
Lingonberry extract 50mg
Coconut fat 50mg

Vegetable capsule made of cellulose, green tea extract (leaf), cayenne pepper extract (fruit), caffeine from guarana, Japanese seaweed (wakame), piperine.


The product is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing. Consult your doctor before using the product with other medications.

Made in Sweden in accordance with the GMP and HACCP guidelines

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Fitness Capsules

WITH Caffeine, WITHOUT Caffeine