Weight management

– Available with or without caffeine
– Contains a combination of natural extracts
– Built with inspiration and trends from all over the world
– Produced in Sweden in accordance to GMP and HACCP

Vegan approved product!

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The fitness capsules (with or without caffeine) to help with weight management. The ingredients help the body boost energy, decrease water weight, add antioxidants, support a strong metabolism, have been developed for those wanting to lose a few kilos or control their weight in a natural way.
In Ayurvedic medicine the benefits of spicy food have long been highlighted. It boosts energy by increasing heart rate and body temperature as well as help the immune system fight colds. Therefore chilli and black pepper extract have been used.
Green tea, dandelion & lingonberry extract contains antioxidants which is commonly used in weight management. In addition, dandelion extract help you decrease water weight. 
Wakame has several health benefits and contains iodine which help generate a strong metabolism. 
Beta-glucan may offer several health benefits such as stimulation of the immune system.
Coconut fat may boost fat burning and raise the good HDL cholesterol in your blood. 

Ingredients: beta-glucan, caffeine, chilli extract, dandelion extract, coconut fat, lingonberry extract, green tea extract, wakame, black pepper extract, cellulose-based vegan capsules 

Nutritional Value
Content per serving (2 capsules)
Beta-glucan – 200 mg
Caffeine – 150 mg
Chili extract – 100 mg
Dandelion extract – 100 mg
Coconut fat – 50 mg

Lingonberry extract – 50 mg
Green tea extract – 40 mg
Wakame – 10 mg
Black pepper extract – 1 mg

Notice: Not recommended for those under the age of 18, pregnant, or breast feeding. Before taking, consult a doctor if you are taking medication to treat an illness. Keep dry and out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.

Produced in Sweden in accordance with GMP and HACCP.